Dreadful Ed and Mary Scary

Dreadful Ed and Mary Scary
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    Dreadful Ed and Mary Scary 2020

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    Andrew Cosby

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Poor Ed! Whats a normal kid like him doing in a place like Nocturnia, where up is down, good is bad, and nightmares really do come true? As the son of the Boogeyman, Ed struggles against his very unscary nature to make his father proud. But Fright School is hard for a kid whos more spooked than spooky, and it looks like hes doomed to fail—until one fateful night, when Ed ventures into the human world to prove himself worthy and instead discovers he was switched at birth with the Boogeymans real child, the creepy little Mary Scary. Can these two mismatched misfits help each other fit in? Or will the Boogeymans enemies make sure their true identities remain a secret forever? This beautifully illustrated book will be an instant favorite for anyone who loves fanciful kids stories with a delightfully dark edge. Nixeys art is detailed and fluid, which makes the strange deformities populating peoples faces and bodies all the stranger. The panel work is exceptional...–AiPT!

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