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Simon Spector

Night Business

Lou Cale

Bettie Page (2017)

Maria M.

Jingle Belle (2004)

Angel City

Domino Lady Noir

Doc Savage: Curse of the Fire God

Dark Shadows/Vampirella

Zorro (2008)

Zorro (1966)

The Art of Painted Comics


Green Hornet: Generations

Madman 20th Anniversary Monster!

Jingle Belle (1999)

Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion

Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas

Vampirella: 2018 Halloween Special

Unknown Vistas

The Million Year Picnic and Other Stories

The Green Hornet 66 Meets the Spirit

Justice Inc the Avenger (2017)

Thulsa Doom

The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney

Tales Designed To Thrizzle

The Crypt of Terror

Space: Punisher

Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance

Half Past Danger (2017)

Green Hornet (2018)

Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult

The Haunt of Horror

DC Comics Essentials: DC: The New Frontier